Agustina Taborda is an Argentinian eclectic musician based in Galway, Ireland.

Her main instrument, the Bandoneón, is an iconic instrument in Argentinean folk music. Her love of this music has led her to be part of numerous tango groups and orchestras.

Inspired by artists such as Lhasa de Sela, Camille, PJ Harvey, Axel Krygier, Principe Pena, Violeta Parra, and many others, Agustina started to sing and to create her music on bandoneón and voice. That was the beginning of many creative collaborations of original music on bandoneón like “Poca y Agus”, “Bajomundo”, “Rodney Owl”, “Laguna”, and “Jamie Toomey”; and improvisation bands like “El Arrojo”, “The Curly Organ” and “May Fly to the Moon”.

Later on, the addition of keys and the use of electronic instruments gave place to her debut soloist album “I bhfad ar shiúl” (released on 2020 with the support of Galway Arts Council), and to the collaboration album “Por Mercurio”, released on 2022.

Agustina enjoys playing all types of creations: old, new, acoustic, electronic, or in between. At the present she performs regularly with the tango duet “Vito Sputnik”, with the original band “Rodney Owl”, and plays organ weekly on the Salthill Parish Church, Galway.

She is working now on her second soloist album “La Reina: Dissection”.